Multisensory Monday- Blends Grab Bag

  Multisensory Blends Grab Bag I find coming up with new and engaging multisensory activities a little challenging when I get to the blends lessons in Layer 2 because there are quite a few of them.  So today’s activity is one you can put in your bag of tricks and pull out for something new Continue Reading

8 Ways to Build Independent Learners

Hi everyone, I danced in my chair when I saw one of the blog posts was shared 20 times.  It’s assuring to know that people other than my mom are reading this!  Let’s keep spreading and growing.  My goal for this post is 30 shares.  Of course, I’ll need your help.  Please share this with Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Get Flossing

Hi everyone, It’s Multisensory Monday!!!  That’s right, each Monday there will be a post of a new multisensory idea.  I’m hoping to make Multisensory Mondays into a video soon, but first I have to figure out how to create and upload Youtube videos.  (Email me if you have a good online resource or some tips.) Continue Reading

Questions are Guaranteed…Answers Aren’t

Hello everyone! I’m glad you found our new home here on  I know I promised more March is Reading Month, but I wanted to wait until after the blog moved to post more.  I’ll have to do something special to make it up to everyone.  Maybe a list of 31 reading activities, one for Continue Reading

The Ultimate Question

Hi everyone, March is my favorite month for 3 special (in my mind, equally important) reasons: 1) Dr. Suess’s birthday, 2) my birthday, 3) March is Reading Month!  What could be better than a month that acknowledges the importance of reading and the joy it brings into our lives, especially our children’s lives? Please comment Continue Reading

The Missing Link for Reading Success

Hi everyone!  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’d like to start off this blog centered on teaching reading by talking about something else.  Well, the something else is essential to reading, so it’s actually a great place to start.  I’m talking about phonological awareness. Have you ever been puzzled by Continue Reading