How to Develop Fluency

Hi everyone, To help you get through the middle of your week I have the first post in our Questions and Answers series, where I find answers to the questions you post, email or ask me.  Whether you are a teacher, tutor, administrator, parent, butcher, baker or candlestick maker, none of us have all the Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Hopping Sounds

  Whoo hoo!  We are joining the 21st Century and adding video capabilities to  Let me know how you like the video in the comments below.  If you like the video format, I’ll definitely try to include more. I want to figure out how to get rid of the black strips on the sides Continue Reading

How to help students truly enjoy reading

Hi everyone, Did you notice any headlines this week similar to these? “U.S. children read, but not well or often: report” “Major drop in teens and reading, report says” “Kids Don’t Read Books Because Parents Don’t Read Books” These headlines definitely caught my attention.  Since we share a desire to help readers as teachers or Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Fireflies

Hi everyone, Vacation was fantastic, but I’m glad to be back in time for Multisensory Monday!  We have another idea from Dite, so be sure to check out her video after.  Today is the last multisensory activity for Easter leftovers, which is a good thing since that candy is probably getting a bit stale by Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Jellybean Bracelets (and an extra surprise)

Hi everyone, Today is a big day.  You’ll be getting two activities for Multisensory Monday instead of one!   I am so excited to introduce you to other activities and resources from Dite Bray, founder of Ladder Learning Services.   I’ll be adding a description and links to her multisensory activity at the end of the post. Continue Reading

Moving Towards Early Literacy Intervention

Hi everyone, I thought about making today’s post into 2 separate ones, but since I will be on vacation next Thursday, I put them together to tide you over until I get back.  If you don’t have time to read the whole post now, skip to the end under “Spread the Word”.   Congratulations to Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Peeps Fleet

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a great day.  I am because it’s Multisensory Monday and I have an awesome game for you.  As I promised, this game uses leftover Easter candy-in my opinion, the best Easter candy- Peeps! What are your favorite activities that use springtime candy?  Let me know in the comments below. Continue Reading

Why Students Struggle with Vowels and What You Can Do to Help

Hi everyone, In Monday’s post I mentioned that I saw my family last weekend and my cousins have small children.  (Everyone is still saving their Easter leftovers, right?  You’ll need them for the next few Multisensory Mondays.)  One of my cousins has an adorable little girl named Elle.  That cousin is pregnant again and one Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Springtime Nests

Hi everyone, I know Mondays after a break are tough, but today’s Multisensory Monday filled with spring colors will brighten your day.  I had a lovely weekend celebrating Easter with my family.  Many of my cousins have small children, which means lots of plastic eggs, Peeps, chocolate bunnies, fake colored grass, baskets, candy and treats.  Continue Reading

Why Humpty Dumpty Matters

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a study I found while I was doing some research today.  When I give a training on Phonological Awareness, I mention how it seems like students entering school now don’t have as well developed phonological awareness skills as they did in the past.  One idea I have to explain Continue Reading