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Multisensory Monday- Pool Noodle Blending

As summer draws to an end, rather than throwing away those beat-up pool noodles, grab them for this fun Multisensory Monday activity that your students will love!  Blending is an essential skill in reading.  This Pool Noodle Blending activity is a cheap, interactive option to help students practice the essential skill of blending.  This activity Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Pincer-Grip Vowel Intensive

Many of my struggling readers also have dexterity issues, so I am always developing multisensory activities that are fun for different ages that target specific skills and help with fine-motor skills.  Here is an activity that focuses on short/closed vowel sounds and works developing a stronger pincer-grip. Materials You’ll need clothespins, scissors, glue, and a Continue Reading