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Multisensory Monday- Spelling with Smores

This is a great multisensory spelling activity to accompany the “sm” beginning blends.  All you’ll need is some Marshmallows, a wooden skewer, and a marker.  If you allow snacks in your classroom, the students will be excited to find out they’ll be having a little treat, too! Materials Large Marshmallows Wooden Skewers Markers Directions for Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- /nk/ and /ng/ Families

Welcome to Multisensory Monday! The -ng and -nk endings can be tricky for students.  Here is a creative multisensory activity to help students visualize the -ng and -nk endings as “families”.  Materials             DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE  Stapler Scissors Paper Glue Stick Marker Directions Fold pink, inner paper in half (“Hamburger style”).  Continue Reading

Visual-Spatial Learners

If you’ve ever done a google search on psychology related subjects, you may have at some point stumbled upon the image below. It’s creative, colorful, intriguing, and packs a load of information into a single image. It immediately provokes introspection.  When I first saw the image, it left me questioning my own cognitive processes. Am Continue Reading