Multisensory Monday: Prefix and Suffix Chunks

Once students are ready to read and spell words with prefixes and suffixes, many more words become available to them. Oftentimes, these words are unfamiliar. Teaching students to read in word chunks (after they have mastered sounding words out sound-by-sound and then chunk-by-chunk), improves the efficacy of their reading. Materials: If you are looking for Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Candy Heart 3-Letter Beginning Blends

Candy Hearts 3-Letter Beginning Blends Valentine’s Day is this week!  Candy hearts are cheap and in abundance this time of year! Here is a mutlisensory activity to help students learn 3-Letter Beginning Blends. Some students have difficulties remembering the three letters making up the three-letter blends. This activity will help students learn the 3-letters that Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday: Pesky Greek and Latin Root “Tetra” Game

Students in Brainspring’s Structures program learn the different Greek and Latin number roots. Many of the root words tend to come easy for students to remember. In my experience, however, students struggle in remembering that the root “tetra” means “four.” There aren’t too many familiar words with “tetra” in them. Words such as tetrad, tetrapod, Continue Reading

Dyslexia is Many Things…

Please welcome  Orton-Gillingham Weekly’s guest blogger Tiffany Sunday! Tiffany is an author, lecturer, and professional speaker who happens to have dyslexia.  To help parents and teachers understand dyslexia, she shares the many things dyslexia can be. Dyslexia is Many Things   Dyslexia is discovering there is a reason why your brain doesn’t like to spell or read fast Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday: A “Hands On” Spelling Activity with Consonant-Y

One of the more challenging concepts for students to master is using the correct spelling for Consonant-Y words.  They often have difficulty knowing if a word should have a single consonant between the initial vowel and the Y, as we find in words such as baby, tiny, and pony, or a double consonant between them, Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Syllable Sort

In Brainspring’s Phonics First® and Stuctures® programs, syllabication is one of the main components of the Five-Part Lesson Plan. The eight different syllable types are introduced one-at-a-time over a period of many, many lessons. Although students may use the Syllable Division Cards when identifying and labeling the different syllable types in the syllabication lessons, it Continue Reading

Beautiful Handwriting is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

When someone says, “She has the neatest handwriting,” what are they really saying? What is it about someone’s writing that makes it so neat? Good writing, whether it be print or cursive, can be narrowed down to three simple things: size, slant, and spacing. 1 – Size Uniform size is one of the three factors Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Spelling with Smores

This is a great multisensory spelling activity to accompany the “sm” beginning blends.  All you’ll need is some Marshmallows, a wooden skewer, and a marker.  If you allow snacks in your classroom, the students will be excited to find out they’ll be having a little treat, too! Materials Large Marshmallows Wooden Skewers Markers Directions for Continue Reading

Handwriting- It is a Journey

January’s topic of the month is Handwriting, and to start the month off “write,” we would like to specify why handwriting is a key component to a child’s development in this “keyboard age” we currently live in. Science and research prove that writing by hand has significant brain benefits, and many school systems around the Continue Reading

9 Ways to Incorporate Reading into the Holiday Season

The Holidays are such a busy time of year. Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of the season, people find there isn’t much time left for reading. Here are some fun ways to fit reading with your children into this hectic time of year. The Twelve Books of Christmas: Just about everyone has heard the Continue Reading