Dyslexia Statistics: Questions from a Superintendent

A Superintendent from a large district recently reached out to Brainspring with the following question…. “I was looking for some statistics regarding the rate of dyslexia in children ages 5-21.  Can you point me the right direction?  No one seems to have a real percentage. I just keep seeing 15-20% thrown around with no research Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Clothespin Spelling Game

My younger students really seem to enjoy this simple spelling game. To make it, you will need some clothespins, a clothes hanger, and some letter stickers.  Assembly time is quick: Simply place one letter sticker on one side of each clothespin. The object of the game is to create as many words as you can Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Vowel Team ee Tree

Sometimes I find myself getting stuck in a rut when it comes time to create vibrant and fun multisensory activities for my students. I like having ideas that I can use year after year with students of differing ages. I also like having multisensory activities that store easily and are inexpensive to create. As it Continue Reading

Raising a Reader: A Six-Step Guide

As parents and educators, we all want our children to grow up and become successful adults. In our society, being successful and fulfilling the American Dream requires the skill of literacy. Without it, the hope of living the American Dream diminishes. Our society is literacy driven – even the most mundane tasks like filling out Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Connect Four Spelling

Spelling skills are very important to both reading skills and writing skills.  We at Brainspring Orton-Gillingham feel a student has mastered a phonetic concept when the student can both read and spell the concept.  Spelling reinforces reading skills.  It is very common to be able to read words you can’t spell, but it is very Continue Reading

Reading Fluency: Addressing the Elephant in the Room

As reading instructors, we have all cringed as we sit and listen to students who stutter and stammer through a reading passage. At the same time, we applaud our students’ deliberate effort as they practice the decoding skills we have taught them. As reading skills develop and decoding skills strengthen, fluency becomes the “elephant in Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- French Fry Fun Vowels

One of the biggest struggles for many students is learning which vowel or vowel combination to use when spelling an unfamiliar word. As professional educators, we might use the Advanced Vowel Intensive to help students determine which grapheme to use for any given phoneme. While this is a wonderful tool, I find that my students Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- Short Vowels Book

Do you have students who require a great deal of teaching time due to poor reading skills? Mastery of short vowel sounds can be very problematic and require continuous review, which can bring reading progress to a halt. This Short Vowel Book can be used as a multisensory learning tool to support student memory and Continue Reading

Multisensory Monday- /nk/ and /ng/ Families

Welcome to Multisensory Monday! The -ng and -nk endings can be tricky for students.  Here is a creative multisensory activity to help students visualize the -ng and -nk endings as “families”.  Materials             DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE  Stapler Scissors Paper Glue Stick Marker Directions Fold pink, inner paper in half (“Hamburger style”).  Continue Reading

Visual-Spatial Learners

If you’ve ever done a google search on psychology related subjects, you may have at some point stumbled upon the image below. It’s creative, colorful, intriguing, and packs a load of information into a single image. It immediately provokes introspection.  When I first saw the image, it left me questioning my own cognitive processes. Am Continue Reading